Economic Research

This section contains research on economically-related items. This research is designed to be thoughtful and informative. We have no monopoly on economic research and do not try to replicate the more exhaustive research available from other resources.

Our research has evolved into an integrated cash flow model of the economy. The Archives section to the right includes links to our important early analyses.

Each of those papers has been downloaded well over 1,000 times. Though we have learned a great deal since those and other early papers, we offer you the opportunity to freely read the work that led to the on-going development of our methods.

Consumer Financials

These papers provide analysis of the aggregate financial status of U.S. households. The Consumer Update integrates our research in the “Interest Rate Conundrum”, “Money Supply and Real Estate”, and “Household Cash Flow” papers. The household cash flow statement is a creation of Piscataqua Research.

Real Estate

These papers analyze residential housing data since 1900 and include predictions for likely investment during the next few years. Our work has been extraordinarily good since it was first published in 2005.

Interest Rates and Inflation

Our interest rate work and our research on the 1920s have led us to an analysis of inflation and the U.S. Treasury market.