We offer analysis of consumer cash flow, the yield curve, residential investment and oil prices. These analyses are creative, innovative and original. Our analyses provide an unusual ability to identify economic processes and outcomes.

We are fortunate that we have been able to integrate our understanding of investments, accounting, and economics to create a new analytical approach to economics: cash flow. It is widely accepted as the best way to analyze investments.

Consulting Modules

Household Cash Flow: On a weekly basis, we provide a one page analysis of different components of the Household Cash Flow model and what the latest information indicates about U.S. macro-economics. We incorporate our unique money supply analysis into our assessment of the macro-economy.

Yield Curve: We guess at yield curve changes using observable market behavior, our assessment of Federal Reserve debt generation goals, and our economic cash flow model. Our analyses are usually distributed after recent Federal Reserve meetings and at other important junctions.

Oil Prices: We guess at oil prices using readily available fundamental information, market price behavior and our assessment of the macro-economy. This analysis is usually distributed monthly.

Each module is offered on a one-year evergreen contract basis. Please ask for more information, a sample, or our terms.